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Hi! Hello! Welcome to The Rookie Inkslinger! Come in, sit down, make yourself comfortable. Would you care for a drink? Tea? Coffee? Oh... Uh. Is there a widget for virtual coffee?

About Me

My name is Raechel Hudson. I am a full time graphic designer, part time aspiring author. I studied a a Bachelor of New Media Arts in the fine state of Queensland, Australia. I was born here into a long line of fair dinkum', true blue Aussies, although I sometimes get asked if I'm British or German. I can never figure out why.
I love art, reading and writing, and I am rather good at all three, if I may be so humble. I spend way too much time on the computer. I can play Minecraft and the Sims all day. I also like to read full sized novels in one sitting - I say like, but sometimes I can't help it. I'll pick up the book, read it from cover to cover, and then realise it's two in the morning and I've missed both lunch and dinner.
I love science fiction shows, namely Fringe and Doctor Who. There is also an assorted bunch of new American fantasy dramas  that I can't get enough of.

About the Blog

The Rookie Inkslinger has gone through a couple of name changes over the several years I've been working on it, but I think that the current one is the best so far. In this blog I talk about my life, which means I mainly complain about university, natter on about shopping, shamelessly display my new art pieces (which you can also find in my gallery) and then fangirl all over the place. But the main thing I do here, is talk about my writing. I am currently an unpublished author. I've written several short stories in my time, and finished the first manuscript in a trilogy, before my brain went haring off after a different novel altogether. You can see the synopses for these two books in the links above.

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