Novel: Soulless

Soulless is my current work in progress. It is a Young Adult Fantasy novel based in an alternate 1800.

Magic is alive and well in the kingdom of Etrya and a young girl by the name of Evie struggles to cope with the curse that has been inflicted upon her.
This curse turns her into a being known in old legends and horror stories as a Soul-Wraith. To survive, a wraith must take the life force or the soul, from other living creatures.
The story follows Evie as she starts along a journey to discover why her parents were murdered in a terrible house fire. Evie is taught the ways of this new world by an older wraith named Rook. They meet all manner of people and strange creatures along the way, but none stranger than the young, hopeless wizard, Quintin.
How will the journey to find out what really happened to Evie's parents affect the three unlikely companions? And what of the slowly stirring events of Rook's shadowy past?

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